Studio One

Perfect for solo drum practice and band rehearsals. Room hire includes WiFi access and use of kitchen facilities.

Equipment in Studio 1 as standard includes:

  • Fender Rumble 75 Bass Amp
  • Marshall MG50FX Guitar Amp
  • Marshal AS50D Acoustic Amp
  • Carlsboro Bass Amp
  • Fender Guitar Amp
  • Trace Elliot TA50R Acoustic Amp
  • Nord Electro 3 Keyboard
  • Pearl Drum Kit, Sabian Cymbals
  • Shure SM7, SM58s
  • Mackie Vocal PA

Other acoustic and electric instruments are available for hire on request.

Sessions in Studio One are £12.50 per hour.

Studio Two

Bring your team-building day, class, ensemble or dance group to our 40 metre square studio fitted with laminate flooring perfect for dance activities. Room hire includes WiFi access and use of kitchen facilities. We can provide catering on request.

Equipment included in Studio 2 as standard:

  • 2 upright pianos
  • Drums and percussion instruments
  • Electric Keyboards
  • Teaching Aids
Hire Studio 2 for £15 per hour

Practice Rooms

Unlock your creativity! Rent one of our 5 versatile rooms for music practice, lessons, or remote work for just £5/hour. All rooms have digital pianos and we have single room which also has an upright pianos. Enjoy fast WiFi and kitchen access for free—all you need to do is bring your passion!

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