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This year, Nomad Beat is delighted to offer eight bursaries, funding weekly lessons for a period of 44 weeks. Rosalind’s and Sally’s bursaries and the River bursaries are newly available for 2024 and funded by two generous anonymous donors. Application details are below.

2024 Bursaries

Rosalind’s and Sally’s Bursaries

Rosalind’s and Sally’s bursaries were created by a couple who wished to remain anonymous, in memory of their daughters Rosalind and Sally, who loved music. Sally’s bursary is specifically for a fiddle student, and Rosalind’s bursary is open to singing and any instruments other than the fiddle that are offered by Nomad Beat.

2024 Bursaries

The River Bursaries

The six new River bursary places have been established at Nomad Beat through another anonymous donor who was impressed by the work being carried out by Nomad Beat. These bursaries have been named after six Borders’ rivers; Ettrick Water, Leithen Water, Lyne Water, Tweed, Teviot and Yarrow. 

The River bursaries are open to students of singing or any instrument currently offered by Nomad Beat. These are not just awards for a student who shows excellence in singing or their chosen instrument, but they can also be awarded to a student who demonstrates hard work and commitment to singing or their chosen instrument. Each bursary can also assist a student who would benefit from some financial help to be able to continue their lessons. 

Who can apply?

The same conditions apply to each of the bursaries which are open to students of singing or any instrument currently offered by Nomad Beat. To be eligible for one of these bursaries, one or both of the following conditions will be taken into consideration:

  • A student who shows a natural aptitude and who would benefit from some financial assistance to attend lessons.
  • A student who shows a natural aptitude for singing or an instrument, works hard and shows passion and commitment to the instrument.

2024 bursaries with Nomad Beat

What the bursaries offer

Bursary applications for 2024 are still open.

If you are interested in applying for a bursary, please complete the attached Application Form and return it to the Nomad Beat Board of Directors at the address below by Friday 10 May 2024.

Nomad Beat,
10 – 11 Cherry Ct,
Cavalry Park,
Peebles EH45 9BU


All the information given in the form will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Regular lessons

Bursary monthly installments cover lesson fees for a 30-minute singing or instrumental lesson on a weekly basis for 44 weeks of the year.

Instrument Hire

Instruments are available to hire and we have many music books you can lend.


Bursaries cover a 12 month period and are non-refundable and not transferable to any other type of service we provide. Students receiving a bursary may reapply at the end of the bursary period.


You do not have to be currently enrolled as a student of Nomad Beat to apply.

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