Breaking Sound Barriers 

“ We believe that music is a place everybody can go ”

Watch this short clip to hear from Antony Swift, Ambassador of Breaking Sound Barriers

Breaking Sound Barriers is an exciting, new music project using new-style instruments, resources and innovative technology.
Based at Nomad Beat Music School, Breaking Sound Barriers offers individual and group tuition in an inclusive and supportive environment.

We enable people of all ages and abilities to enhance their lives musically, to gain  new skills and experiences and to participate on an equal basis with others.

If you are new to Nomad Beat or to this type of music making then you may like to come for an introductory lesson with one of our tutors.  Here you will be shown our range of instruments and basics of how to play them. At this stage you may start to have ideas of what you enjoy the most and our tutors will support you in the direction you wish to go. They will then introduce you to an imaginative, new sound world in which you can explore music on many different levels and styles. If you enjoy yourself and would like to come for more lessons we then recommend a 4-6 block booking on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Our BSB Tutors


Sam Mundy

Clare Dempster

Robbie Tatler